Job opportunity: data analyst

The NATO StratCom Centre of Excellence needs a data analyst to be employed on a short-term contract for a research project to be completed by September 2017.

We are conducting research which uses publicly available geopolitical event data collected through the ICEWS programme. Further information on the ICEWS programme and data set can be found at the Harvard Dataverse

We have a requirement to identify and subset data for further analysis. The dataset includes ‘events’ that describe how individuals and organisations interact with each other in time and space. The data is currently stored in Excel files containing approximately 1 million entries per year.

We need a data analyst who has the expertise and hardware capable of managing these datasets, preferably using either VBA or R. Based on a provided list of actors and timeline as starting points, relevant event data and networks have to be extracted from ICEWS data files for further analysis. This work can be completed remotely but with regular coordination.

It would be a significant advantage for the successful applicant to have expertise in political science, international relations or security studies.

It is expected that the initial work will take between 6-8 weeks but may be extended. Applications are welcome from individuals, companies and organisations.


  • Subsetting data relevant to project case studies from open-source ICEWS iData as defined by analytical framework.
  • Subsetting network data of organisations and individuals from open-source ICEWS iData.


  • Proficient in the use of VBA excel and/or R to maintain and manage datasets.
  • An interest in political science, conflict studies or international politics.
  • Appropriate software, hardware and network connections to complete work.
  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in related field.
  • Competent using English as a working language, written and spoken.


  • Previous research experience.
  • Experience working with government or international organisations.

Please email your CV or organisation details to tender [at] stratcomcoe [dot] org

We are unfortunately unable to answer direct email or telephone enquiries. The closing date for submissions is Thursday 15 June, 12:00 CET.