Livestream Q&A: Communicating Risk

27th May 2020
Event location/address: 

We invite you to an event "Communicating Risk" on 27 May 16:00 EEST (GMT+3) that will be streamed live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Discussion "Communicating Risk" will focus on the communication of risk in the context of COVID-19 and the way in which governments are articulating uncertainty and science to their respective nations. Experts will provide insights to the following themes:

✅ Confidence and trust in government, public institutions, media and experts.
✅ 'Following the science'
✅ Information sources used by the public (and trends)
✅ Public service broadcasting
✅ Lessons learned (or not) from previous crises

Moderator: Mr. Ben Heap (Senior Expert, NATO StratCom COE)