Livestream Q&A: Country responses to Covid-19

28th April 2020
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Discussion "Livestream Q&A: Country responses to COVID-19" will be streamed on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

It’s been said that one's true character is revealed in a crisis. This discussion will focus on three countries with different governmental approaches and country-specific opportunities and challenges that have formed COVID-19 crisis responses. What were the key factors that influenced government decisions? Which of those decisions proved to be the most successful and which were the most difficult? What were the societal responses to the crisis? And what can we can learn from each other in order to get better at strategic communications?

Speakers: Ms Sudha David-Wilp (Deputy Director, German Marshall Fund Berlin Office), Mr Kjartan Hreinn Njalsson (Assistant to the Director of Health, Iceland), Mr Yarden Vatikay (Former Head of the National Information Directorate, Prime Minister's Office, Israel).
Moderator: Ms Elīna Lange-Ionatamišvili, Senior Expert, NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence.
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