Livestream Q&A: Deepfakes

6th May 2020
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Could a well-timed video hoax be launched by a malicious actor to disrupt an election? Might a massive wave of high-fidelity fakes swamp social media platforms and further erode trust in the media and institutions? Among the many areas of concern around the technology, perhaps one of the most widely discussed has been the threat posed by “deepfakes”: synthetic audio, images, and video generated with artificial intelligence. This discussion will provide a primer to deepfakes and forecast their potential future role in online disinformation campaigns. It will offer recommendations to those seeking to address the threat.

Speakers: Mr Tim Hwang (Director of the Harvard-MIT Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative) and Mr Keir Giles (Conflict Studies Research Centre). Mderator: Mr Jānis Sārts, Director, NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence.

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