Livestream Q&A. Disinformation: the view from the EU

17th June 2020
Event location/address: 
China and Russia have been the main sources of disinformation during the COVID-19 crisis, highlighting the problem of disinformation. Both have tried to portray EU countries unable to work together and tackle the pandemic effectively. At this event, we will discuss, how big of a problem is disinformation and what have been the main efforts to fight it. The event will focus on how EU can cooperate to protect societies, elections and work to solve future crises.
Discussion will be moderated by NATO StratCom COE director Mr Jānis Sārts.

Speakers: Mr Lutz Güllner, Head of Unit at the European External Action Service, Ms Miriam Lexmann, Member of the European Parliament and Ms Anneli Kimber, Strategic communication project manager at the Lund University.