Livestream Q&A: Russia’s Strategic Exercises: messages and implications

1st July 2020
Event location/address: 
We invite you to an online webinar "Russia’s Strategic Exercises: messages and implications" on 1 July 16:00 EEST (GMT+3) that will be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Join the discussion in comments of the event.
Nation’s military exercises, especially strategic, are a form of important communication to a wide array of audiences including adversaries, allies, partners and the nation’s own population. This communication provides valuable insight into nation’s interests and strategic thinking.
This event will address how Russia uses military exercises as means to achieve information dominance and maintain its geopolitical, military and political objectives. We will analyse key messages Russia is trying to convey to different audiences and what the impact of these messages is on European security and the European information environment.
During this event, we will present upcoming NATO StratCom COE publication focusing on major strategic Russian military exercises Vostok 2018, Tsentr 2019 and Grom 2019.
Speakers: Mr. Valeriy Akimenko (Research Lead on Russia and Ukraine, Conflict Studies Research Centre), Dr. Vira Ratsiborynska (Adjunct Professor on NATO and transatlantic approaches to security and Global politics, Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Maj. Marius Varna (Staff officer and project manager of the report on Russia’s strategic military exercises, NATO StratCom COE)
Moderator: CDR Dr. Grzegorz Łyko (Chief of Staff, NATO StratCom COE)