Livestream Q&A: Securing democracy. COVID-19 and elections

3rd June 2020
Event location/address: 

We invite you to an online webinar "Securing Democracy. COVID-19 and Elections" on 3 June 16:00 EEST (GMT+3) that will be streamed live on FacebookYouTube and Twitter.

This discussion will focus on elections scheduled, postponed or held in 2020 since the COVID-19 outbreak. Experts will discuss how to ensure fair, safe and secure elections amid coronavirus crisis. 

Election security during a pandemic is paramount to keep voters safe, but also to maintain voter confidence in the electoral process. The pandemic has changed voting behavior and is an extraordinary challenge to state and local officials as they seek to ensure that elections are fair, safe, and secure. Meanwhile, elections themselves have already changed - voters are requesting mail ballots and online voting. At the same time, foreign disinformation campaigns could capitalize on voter confusion about revised voting procedures. 

Discussion will be moderated by Ms Monika Hanley (Fulbright Scholar, NATO StratCom COE)

Participants: Ms Ingrid Bicu (Expert on strategic communications and elections, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), Mr Sebastian Bay (Researcher, Swedish Defence Research Agency) and Mr Nicholas Fang (Director, Singapore Institute of International Affairs - TBC). 

Follow us live and post questions in comments. We will try and answer as many as possible either during the livestream or via Twitter.