Malicious Use of Social Media. From Russian Disinformation to the Black Market of Manipulation Services

14th February 2019
Event location/address: 
50 Constitution Ave NE Washington, DC 20510, Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room No SD-106

During this event we will present a series of studies, with a focus on new and existing social media vulnerabilities, repeatedly exploited by hostile actors.

Since its establishment in Riga, (Latvia) the Centre has become a knowledge hub and meeting place for specialists studying the role strategic communication plays in the information age. We have studied how disinformation has impacted allies’ national security. Ongoing hostile influence campaigns in Europe and United States have increasingly targeted the digital environment. The Kremlin’s interference in presidential elections in the United States and France as well as the recent referendum in Macedonia demonstrate how large-scale foreign influence campaigns exploit the online environment.  China and Iran are also actively building capabilities in this area. We will present what can be done to address these and upcoming challenges.

Honorary Co-host: Senate Baltic Freedom Caucus

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