Reputation Time. Masterclass by Jānis Sārts "How to survive the 'Post-Truth' era"

11th May 2017
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Riga Graduate School of Law
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There has been a profound change in information environment that impacts the patterns of societies. A lot of resources – financial and human – are dedicated to analyse the information space and decide how and when to communicate. Less time is often dedicated to thinking about how to protect companies from hostile narratives and cyber threats that we are all exposed to as inhabitants of digital space.

This masterclass will focus on threats to information security and will explore how the advantages of digital environment can be turned to enhance a hostile information campaign aimed at planting the seeds of mistrust and discredit to the company. It will help to understand how to deal with challenges of the so-ca...lled ‘post-truth’ era, bring practical insights into how to evaluate the risks in the digital environment and learn useful methods how to recognize hostile information campaigns in a timely and proactive way.

Trainer Jānis Sārts is the Director of the NATO StratCom COE, based in Riga, Latvia. He began his career in the Ministry of Defence and was soon promoted as a director of the Defence Policy Department, where he was in charge of development and implementation of Latvia’s annual national plans for membership into NATO. As the state secretary, Sārts has led defense reforms, developed a new state defense concept, and encouraged regional defense cooperation within NATO and the EU.

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