StratCom Talks: Improving Crisis Response Capability

28th October 2020
Event location/address: 

We kindly invite you to an online conversation "How Simulation Tech 2.0 Improves Crisis Response Capability" with Mr Gerry McCusker. The event will be livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube.

Modern, participative media has rendered the old rules of crisis management obsolete: Playing this new game with old skills often produces disastrous results. Many Australian corporates and government bodies are now using interactive online simulators to test and rehearse for crises - with fully online delivery circumventing the 'Work From Home' mandatories of COVID.

'PR Disasters' author and expert - turned software developer - Gerry McCusker, will demo how The Drill facilitates an interdisciplinary and real life response to crisis preparation.

His presentation will cover:
• Why immersive learning is key for crisis responders
• Why a laptop exercise is more powerful than a desktop one
• How remote crisis learning actually builds team camaraderie and capability
• The interdependence of crisis media channels
• The role of Search Engines in influencing crisis management
• How a lean publishing methodology buys valuable time mid-crises

We invite you to prepare your questions ahead and post them in the comment section. 

This is the third episode of StratCom Talks virtual series that we will host in the upcoming months, bringing our expertise to your screens at home or work. Stay safe and stay tuned!