StratCom Talks Influencer Marketing

14th October 2020

Join us on October 14 to discuss influencer marketing and what it means to government and defence communications. Event will be livestreamed online on YouTube and Facebook. We will be happy to answer your questions.

At this session we will look at the size of industry & speed of growth, define influencer marketing and correct misconceptions. We will explore use cases of influencer marketing beyond ‘selling stuff’ and importance of vetting influencers in the selection process.

Scott Guthrie is an independent influencer marketing consultant, conference speaker, guest university lecturer, top 10 PR blogger, and media commentator. He is co-chair of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations influencer marketing panel, a Public Relations and Communications Association council member, and an editorial board member of both Talking Influence and Influence publications. Scott has written chapters for five business books on the subject of progressive public relations and influencer marketing. His latest work Virtual Influencers: More Human Than Human is due for publication by Routledge in November in the book Influencer Marketing: Building Brand Communities and Engagement.