#StratComTalks: Social Media Platform Regulation

24th February 2021
Social media have emerged as dominant global platforms for both private and political discourse. While these platforms have transformed communication and information exchange to enable democratic debate, they have also created environments where harassment, disinformation, hate-speech and extremism thrive.
Considering recent controversies related to freedom of expression online, legal and regulatory concerns about how social media companies should act and behave have risen to the top of the agenda for policy makers.
In this week’s #StratComTalks we discuss these issues with two distinguished experts who will provide their take on why, how, in what way, and by whom social media platforms could or should be regulated.
Speakers: Lubos Kuklis (Board Member at the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services) and Felix Kartte (Senior Advisor at Reset)
Moderated by Sanda Svetoka, NATO StratCom COE