16th February 2017
"Por ello, el Kremlin trata de explotar las tensiones existentes en las sociedades 'enemigas' como forma de erosionarlas. “Usan las vulnerabilidades, como puede ser la inmigración en Suecia o Finlandia, o las minorías en Letonia. En otros países, puede ser la desigualdad social o la corrupción. Pero se apropian de estos elementos de forma que ayuden a producir el efecto que desean”, explica Janis Sarts, director del Centro de Excelencia de Comunicaciones Estratégicas de la OTAN en Riga. “La crisis de los refugiados, pongamos, no fue diseñada por Rusia, pero definitivamente la ha explotado”." Read the full article here .
10th January 2017
Today director Janis Sarts signed cooperation agreement between NATO StratCom COE and Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. NATO StratCom COE received letter of intent for Sweden to cooperate as a contributing partner in April 2016. Sweden noted the important work of the NATO StratCom COE since it became functional in 2014. The Swedish government and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) have for a number of years identified the need for preparedness and relevant capabilities in order to provide Sweden with a proper capability to detect and respond to disinformation campaigns and other similar threats against society. Joining Nato StratCom Centre...
2nd January 2017
Responsibilities Planning and supervision of the work of the Operational Support Branch (the Branch includes an IT expert, an IT security expert, a public relations expert, an event manager and a secretary) Provide a support function for multi-national staff, in particular for new employees when they move to Latvia and start their work in a new country Planning and supporting events and training courses organized by the Centre Creation of documents governing the work of the Branch and the Centre (within his/her scope) Long-term planning of the operations and technical support of the Branch and the Centre, in cooperation with...
2nd September 2016
We are looking for a responsive and motivated intern. Intern will be required to fulfill an array of tasks both creative and administrative in nature. Daily Responsibilities - Develop and curate media relationships; Research publicity opportunities; Work with the team to develop social media content; Manage the social media content schedule.
16th August 2016
Beata Biały has become a senior expert in the StratCom Doctrine and Development Branch.
15th August 2016
The second International Conference on PSYOPS to Counter Daesh took place in Baghdad, 10-11 August 2016. Aim of the conference was to globally confront the ideological sources of Daesh and fight them on the ideological, psychological and media levels, identify the media outlets that support or participate in supporting Daesh, establish a ground for the international community and the Islamic countries to educate about moderate Islam and to combat religious sectarian extremism on different levels including media and religious narratives as well as curriculums as well as counter Daesh propaganda.
15th August 2016
On 28th July, NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence and Ministry of Defence of Georgia signed a cooperation agreement.
21st July 2016
On 21st July, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Lilian Darii, paid a visit to Riga for a round of political consultations and met with the Director of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence Jānis Sārts.
7th July 2016
We need a creative team player in our multi-functional Branch. You will be responsible for harnessing computer and networking power as we continue to understand communication and international crises. If you think you have the capabilities, come and join us in Riga. The Technical and Scientific Development Branch develops audience and network characterization tools, conducts social media and network analysis, processes data flow and develops external communication tools to establish and maintain collaboration between subject matter experts. Professional skills and qualification: Proficient in programming, software design, debugging, testing. Proficient in programming languages like Python and R-Language. Knowledge of other programming...