About us

The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE) is a multinational and NATO-accredited international organization. Centre’s mission is to contribute to the Alliance’s communication processes by providing comprehensive analysis, timely advice, and practical support. The Centre’s aim is to contribute substantially to the improvement of NATO, its Allies’ and Partners’ strategic communication capabilities through research, analysis, concept development, prototyping, doctrine development, standardisation and case studies, furthermore investing into the continuing development of StratCom education and training.

The NATO StratCom COE was initially founded by Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, and the United Kingdom. The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark and the United States of America joined at a later stage. Additionally, Spain and Australia is currently undergoing their joining procedure.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee is set up by the Framework Nation and Sponsoring Nations as the main body for guidance, oversight and decisions on all matters concerning the administration, policies and operation of the NATO StratCom COE. Steering Committee is responsible for the direction, guidance and supervision of the NATO StratCom COE. It approves the Program of Work and the operational budget, as well as supervises its execution. The Steering Committee consists of one voting representative from each participant country. In order to avoid conflict of interests, a member of the NATO StratCom COE cannot be representative of a Participant country in the Steering Committee.

The Chairman of the Steering Committee is assigned by the Framework Nation - Latvia. Currently, the Steering Comittee is chaired by Ms. Dace Kundrāte, Director of the Military Public Affairs Department of the Republic of Latvia. 

Steering Committee meets at least once a year.

Ms. Dace Kundrāte, Steering Committee Chairwoman