Resilience against malicious information influence operations require training that reflects challenges across all layers of Information Environment (cognitive, virtual, and physical). As technology like generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more accessible, we must integrate it into StratCom training, particularly audience simulations.

The Information Environment simulation platform – the InfoRange offers opportunities to incorporate generative AI for both exercise design and audience application. The InfoRange – IE simulation platform jointly developed by NATO StratCom CoE together with frontrunners of the private sector in this field aims to provide dynamic training opportunities through realistic simulation of IE infrastructure - the networks, dynamics – the processes, as well as the audiences – their behavior, opinion and other characteristics. It serves training purposes from tactical to strategic level and can be used for StratCom training requirements of different subject matter areas.

This comprehensive simulation environment offers opportunities for observations and conclusions about the role of Strategic Communications in crisis or conflict and thereby provide validation environment for concepts and doctrines. It is designed to fit the needs of training audiences from all StratCom sub-disciplines – public diplomacy, civilian and military public affairs, InfoOps and PsyOps.

The awareness of the dynamic development of information technologies has allowed building the Info Range in modular way that enables integration of new tools and processes as they spread across the IE. Moreover, one of the most desired and attained platform development objectives is a tailor-made integration of the latest research conclusions about the nature, scope and shape of hostile information influence operations across the globe. This commitment to ongoing evolution means that what we are building today is preparing us for the unforeseen challenges of the future.

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