NATO Strategic Communications Centre od Excellence team is excited to announce that the 10th annual "Riga StratCom Dialogue" conference will take place on 5 - 6 June 2024 in Riga, Latvia! More information about the conference program can be found at the event website

Get the glimpse of the last year's conference here:

In a world where geopolitical landscapes are as mutable as shifting sands, the narratives we craft and the policies we implement wield significant influence on both global and local agendas. The power of information space - from enduring tensions in Europe and the Middle East to the rising challenges in Asia - cannot be overlooked. These narratives shape international perceptions and drive actions. A compelling story can heal, whereas a detrimental one has the potential to cause harm.

Can strategic communications serve as a vital conduit, forging cohesive narratives that fortify our societies and navigate us through these turbulent times? This is the question we aim to explore at our annual conference Riga StratCom Dialogue 2024 dedicated to the future of strategic communications.

The challenge before us is monumental. It encompasses not only the molding of public opinion but also safeguarding the core pillars of our democracies: the integrity of our electoral systems. Alongside these socio-political narratives, we must consider the evolving role of journalism in an era where information is at once omnipresent and often deceptive. Journalists, who have long been the custodians of truth, now traverse a vast expanse of data, where distinguishing between fact and fiction is increasingly challenging.

We must also re-evaluate the deterrence effects within the information sphere. The military prowess of NATO, though formidable, faces challenges from adversaries that engage in sophisticated information operations and hybrid warfare tactics. Intimately connected to these issues is the rapidly expanding domain of Artificial Intelligence. As AI technology progresses, blurring the distinctions between reality and artificiality, we are faced with a critical conundrum: how to balance the benefits of technological advancement with the imperative of maintaining societal cohesion.

Registration for the conference is available upon the invitation. For more information, please email us at