The unstable geopolitical landscape demands that we refine our approach to strategic communications. The cascade of global, generation-defining crises from the beginning of this decade has felt unrelenting: the pandemic, global democracy in retreat, invasion of Ukraine, re-emerging tyranny on Europe’s doorstep, climate emergency. ‘Permacrisis’ unsurprisingly became the Word of the Year 2022.

With war returning to Europe, the debate about military preparedness, capabilities and global solidarity has deepened. Amidst bloodshed not seen on the continent since the Second World War, we assess the initial response of the West to the invasion. Lessons from the Information Environment are ripe for analysis.

In the meantime, rest of the world has not stood still. Technologies related to Extended Reality, including the recently praised ChatGPT stoke fears about potential for information manipulation at an unprecedented scale and continue to revolutionize the information space, including individual information consumption habits. We are witnessing strategic geopolitical shifts with an embedded component of technological rivalry. These developments demand bold thinking, broad mindset and adaptation of our long-term strategy.

There is hardly a forum better suited to hold these essential conversations than the Riga StratCom Dialogue. This annual flagship event of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence draws hundreds of experts, practitioners, and top-level policymakers from across disciplines and around the world. This year, from June 7 to 8, 2023, this community will meet again in Riga, Latvia to immerse in lively debates and search for sustainable solutions.

We kindly invite you to save the date for the event. Registration is not open yet, however it will be announced on social media, our website and via the newsletter as soon as the opportunity to book the seat is available.

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