Today NATO acts in three dimensions of operations: the physical, cyber, and cognitive aspects. It has become clear that today’s conflicts are as much about direct military force, as they are about exerting physical control over places, groups, units, organisations, and nations, by targeting and affecting individual minds, civilian as well as military. NATO StratCom COE has designed a workshop for journalists operating in highly complex environment of today. The workshop will centre on the cyber and cognitive realms, focusing especially on the role the media can and should play as a gatekeeper that frames conversations and interprets narratives.

The event will take place in-person on 24 May, 2022, from 11:30 AM until 5:00 PM ar Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel, 55 Elizabetes iela, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia.

The event will focus on Russia’s war in Ukraine. It is arguably the first conflict which is overtly engaging the cognitive dimension of warfare. Through the extensive use of modern data and media tools, actors seek to mould the information environment and shape discourses, opinions, and behaviours around the world. NATO StratCom COE proposes to explore two strands of knowledge and know-how that may help to further develop fact-checking practices as journalists seek to navigate an oversaturated and contested information environment: Media as gatekeepers shaping conversations and social sensibilities. We will be talking about dangers, risks, and opportunities. Useful technical know-how for investigating a tangled information environment. We will discuss tools, resources, tips and tricks. NATO StratCom COE experts will give brief introductions and share their perspectives and reflections on the issues at hand. Questions and concerns of media representatives will guide our preparations and the direction of the discussion.

For registration and more information on the event agenda, please visit the event website.

Point of contact for media representatives: NATO StratCom COE Communications Officer Ms Simona Lucatniece,, +371 29184468.