The Seminar discussed the changing role of social media and the effect it has on the communication process. Events presentations covered such topics as:

  • Innovations in online information environment analysis.

Given the myriad ways in which groups and individuals have used social media to advance their goals, what are the updated tools and frameworks to better make sense of the online information environment? 

  • Instant messaging apps: exploiting direct communication to spread disinformation

Instant messaging apps are used by billions around the world. While it can be a force for good, it can also be used by belligerent actors to spread disinformation very quickly. How can we better tackle disinformation spread through instant messReaging apps?

  • Social media and elections: exploiting the online environment to influence election processes

The online environment will continue to be exploited to influence the elections processes. How can citizens be better protected against the ill-effects of such exploitation?

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