During these StratComTalks experts in Russian military affairs and propaganda and disinformation provided their insights on the last year's Kavkaz 2020 and the upcoming Zapad 2021 exercises. 

  • What were the main messages communicated during the Kavkaz 2020 exercises and who were the target audiences?
  • How did these exercises resonate in the European information environment?
  • Is Russia open and transparent about its military exercises as it claims?
  • Should NATO and particularly its Eastern flank countries expect massive information or disinformation campaigns before and during Zapad 2021 exercises?
  • Messages communicated before and during strategic exercises Kavkaz 2020 demonstrated how Russia could use its military element of state power to achieve the geopolitical or political objectives. The newest NATO Strategic Centre of Excellence report on Russian military exercises (to be published in March 2021) will provide more details on how Russia is shaping the perceptions in the European information environment in an attempt to build own image of a global superpower.


  • Mr Valeriy Akimenko, The Research Lead, Russia and Ukraine, with Conflict Studies Research Centre in the United Kingdom
  • Ms Vaidas Saldžiūnas, Defense correspondent at Delfi, largest online media group in Lithuania

Moderated by Maj Marius Varna, NATO StratCom COE Senior Expert.

Watch it here.