We have published a new report "Clarifying Digital Terms", created by the NATO StratCom COE Terminology Working Group. The purpose of this glossary is to encourage the use of precise and simple language that bridges the terminological divide between policymakers, soldiers, tech companies, academics, and programmers. It is at the intersection of their respective fields, that digitalisation’s potential for positive change as well as ensuing challenges can be recognised and addressed. Sharing a common vocabulary is the first step.

In this publication you will find proposed definitions for terms like algorithm, artificial intelligence, cyber, digital engagement, digital forensics and much more.

Key objectives for this project:

  • Ensuring that the core terms and definitions are coherent across different areas of NATO StratCom and can be equally understood and applied by the military and civilian side.
  • Creating a sense of responsibility of Strategic Communications throughout all of NATO.
  • Improving the core terms and definitions to enable NATO to speak to the rest of the world in a language that is intuitive and limits potential misinterpretations.
  • Contributing to the process of building a joint and future oriented outlook of Strategic Communications within NATO.