NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence invites you to mark your calendars for the annual one-day conference "Emerging trends in social media" which is set to take place on 8 October 2024 in Riga, Latvia. Invites to the conference will be sent out by email in mid-August. If you have not received the invitation until then, express your interest by reaching out to us at

Over the years, the conference "Emerging Trends in Social Media" has brought together leading experts, researchers, and professionals from various fields including academia, government, military, and industry to discuss the social media landscape of today. Discussions have ranged from how social media affects us as users, how it’s being abused by adversarial actors as well as how it can be used to counter malicious practices.

This year's conference program will focus on, among other things, issues related to generative AI and its affect on social media content as well as digital governance and the future of the social media platforms. More information about the conference and current agenda can be found at