On 18 February NATO StratCom COE hosted a group of visitors from the Swedish Defence University. The delegation consisted of 20 people - 15 students and 5 instructors - for whom the Centre was one of the stops during their last study tour after having completed a two year long course. During the meeting, the guests were introduced to the Centre's mission and its most recent research on the use of social media by Daesh and the latest developments in the information environment. After presentations a discussion about Russia’s propaganda against Sweden ensued.

Swedish Defence University was established as a national university with the right to issue academic degrees on 1 January, 2008. Swedish Defence University (SEDU), (Försvarshögskolan in Swedish) has existed in its present form since 1997, even though its roots can be traced as far back as 19th century, when the Artillery College at Marieberg was established. Today the University offers modern, state of the art military education.

The main task of the University is to contribute to national and international security through research and development. Research is carried out in diverse but inter-related subject areas; the results are later disseminated to other interested sectors of society both nationally and internationally. The University is contributing to the management of crisis situations and security issues globally by training and educating military and civilian personnel to take leadership positions.