Director of the Centre, Amb. Janis Karklins spoke at the panel discussion “How do others communicate” during the annual NATO Public Diplomacy Forum that took place on 16th February 2015 in Brussels, Belgium.

The NATO Public Diplomacy Forum is a platform for public diplomacy and communication professionals to meet and exchange best practice, discuss the latest trends, and the challenges and novelties in the world of public diplomacy and communication. Speakers at the Forum included representatives from national governments, international organisations, private companies and academia.

While the 2014 Public Diplomacy Forum focused on integrated communications, the role of social media and the importance of assessment and evaluation, the 2015 Public Diplomacy Forum aimed to explore how an effective and coordinated common communication response is, in the face of a sharp increase in the communication efforts and activities carried out by state and non-state actors pursuing propaganda, spreading disinformation and conducting effective communication campaigns in support of their goals.

More information about the NATO Public Diplomacy Forum is available here.