The official inauguration of Hybrid CoE took place in October 3, attended by high-level representatives of the EU, NATO and the host country. EU–NATO cooperation is a key challenge for countering hybrid threats – and a major opportunity for the Centre’s activities.

On 11 April, the EU and NATO welcomed the establishment of the European Centre of Excellence for countering hybrid threats, which will contribute to the strengthened cooperation between the EU and NATO. While not signatories themselves, NATO and the EU will participate actively in the Centre’s activities and are invited to support the Steering Board with their expertise.

Hybrid CoE is to serve as a hub of expertise supporting the Participants’ individual and collective efforts to enhance their civil-military capabilities, resilience, and preparedness to counter hybrid threats with a special focus on European security. It is intended that the Centre will offer this collective experience and expertise for the benefit of all Participants, as well as the EU and NATO. The Centre will follow a comprehensive, multinational, multidisciplinary and academic-based approach. The aim of Hybrid CoE is to provide a single location dedicated to furthering a common understanding of hybrid threats at strategic level and promoting the development of comprehensive, whole-of-government response at national levels and of coordinated response at EU and NATO levels.

NATO Stratcom COE is looking forward to being able develop a close working relationship. Countering hybrid threats is a priority also for as they blur the line between war and peace – combining military aggression with political, diplomatic, economic, cyber and disinformation measures.