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#StratComPodcast/S6E1: Dual Face of AI: Navigating Threats and Opportunities (with Dr. Gundars Bergmanis-Korāts)

In the contemporary information landscape riddled with digital disinformation, the duality of AI becomes increasingly evident as it offers both menacing threats and promising opportunities. AI-driven technologies, with their capacity to generate convincing synthetic content and automate the dissemination of falsehoods, heighten the challenge of discerning truth from deception. Paradoxically, AI also emerges as a potential antidote to the disinformation epidemic, with its ability to develop advanced tools for detecting and mitigating misinformation. Navigating this intricate terrain demands a nuanced approach, balancing the need for AI-powered defenses against the imperative of safeguarding ethical information dissemination in the digital age.

In this episode of the #StratComPodcast, Dr. Gundars Bergmanis-Korāts, the Principal Scientist of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence shares his insights on the dual nature of AI emphasizing the crucial need to address both positive and negative implications of AI to ensure that it doesn't exacerbate the disinformation problem while also leveraging its potential to safeguard the integrity of digital information.