NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE) located in Riga, Latvia introduces its latest product aiming to change the way military and StratCom training is conducted. Information Environment Simulation Range (InfoRange) is a comprehensive simulated information environment training platform that merges the latest technology to upscale table-top exercises and offers opportunities for in-depth crisis or conflict training in a simulated, highly responsive digital information environment providing AI-generated real-life response from possible external actors and audiences.

"As NATO StratCom COE we always challenge ourselves to create new solutions and opportunities to enhance StratCom capabilities. Right now, we have designed the InfoRange - an artificial information environment that seems and looks like a real one with audiences and actors that are driven by AI. This solution enables training for effective StratCom campaigns, defensive, and offensive operations in seemingly real-time environment to increase our joint strategic communications capability as NATO, allies and partners,” says Jānis Sārts, Director of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence.

The InfoRange offers an opportunity to incorporate generative AI for both exercise design and audience application and aims to provide dynamic training opportunities through realistic simulation of information environment infrastructure. The product is developed together with frontrunners of the private sector and is designed to fit the needs of training audiences from all StratCom sub-disciplines – public diplomacy, civilian and military public affairs, InfoOps, and PsyOps. In cooperation with the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, the InfoRange will be implemented into the upcoming annual real-time network defence exercise Locked Shields 2024 which aims to gather more than 4000 participants from 40 nations. Locked Shields 2024 will take place in April 2024, in Tallinn, Estonia.

NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence is a NATO-accredited multi-national military organization, which is not part of the NATO Command Structure, nor subordinate to any other NATO entity. It is based in Riga, Latvia, and contributes to improved strategic communications capabilities within the Alliance and Allied nations.

Locked Shields is an annual exercise organized by The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence enabling cyber security experts to enhance their skills in defending national IT systems and critical infrastructure under real-time attacks.