On Monday, January 25, Special Envoy OSCE and German Member of Parliament Juergen Klimke  visited the NATO StratCom COE to meet with Director Janis Sarts and Chief of Doctrine, Concepts, and Experimentation Branch, Berndt Soelter.

Jürgen Klimke (born 2 July 1948 in Hamburg) is a German politician and member of the conservative party CDU - Christian Democratic Union of Germany (German: Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands). From 1982 to 2002 he was member of the Parliament of the Free and Federal State of Hamburg (German: Hamburgische Bürgerschaft). Since 2002, he has been representing Hamburg in the German Federal Parliament (the Bundestag).

As a member of the German delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, Klimke advocates for strengthening the overall role of the OSCE and furthering German commitment to the institution. Against the background of the Ukraine-crisis, Klimke repeatedly emphasized that the strength of the OSCE is the inclusion of countries like Russia and the United States of America in its membership, allowing for discussions with and not only about them.