Shahira Fahmy (Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia) will spend most of the Autumn of 2015 as a research fellow at the NATO  StratCom COE in conjunction with the US Embassy in Riga, Latvia. During her fellowship she will explore the visual information campaign used by the terrorist organisation DAESH, in order  to enable NATO countries to add a strategic analytical level and to develop capabilities to successfully block the support of the terrorist propaganda machine, and to completely alleviate its radical Takfeery threat.  

Shahira Fahmy is the first and only female Arab American tenured journalism faculty member at a research university in the United States. She is a full professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Arizona. She holds adjunct/courtesy joint appointments with the Department of Communication, the School of Government & Public Policy, and the School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies. Dr. Fahmy has native fluency in four languages and has served as associate editor for Mass Communication & Society, Fulbright Specialist Scholar, UN consultant, an international guest editor and keynote speaker, and has lectured on global, peace and visual communication worldwide.