A review essay by James P. Farwell

The Last Refuge: Yemen, Al-Qaeda, and America’s War in Arabia by Gregory D. Johnsen. Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company 

Yemen: Revolution, Civil War, and Unification by Uzi Rabi. Publisher: I.B. Tauris 

Unfinished Revolutions: Yemen, Libya, and Tunisia after the Arab Spring by Ibrahim Fraihat. Publisher: Yale University Press 

Tribes and States in a Changing Middle East Edited by Uzi Rabi. Publisher: Oxford University Press 

About the author 

James Farwell is a national security expert who has advised the US Special Operations Command and the US Department of Defense. He is the author of Persuasion & Power and co-author with Darby Arakelian of the forthcoming Punch Counter Punch: Winning the Information War