This research study aims to identify the most successful communicators across the Slovak information space and Czech information space on defence-related themes and to provide a
detailed analysis of their communication, with a special focus on geopolitical sentiment, topics and narratives.

The present work seeks to answer the following research questions:

  • Who are the most successful communicators in Slovak information space and Czech information space on topics related to defence?
  • What narratives can be identified in their communication about defencerelated themes?
  • What geopolitical sentiments can be identified in their communication?

The report aims to provide readers with a better understanding of how defence is communicated in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Due to the close historical, cultural, linguistic and political relations between both nations, important similarities and differences can be described. The authors expect that the StratCom communities in both countries, including the Slovak and Czech Ministries of Defence and Armed Forces, may find this report useful and actionable as they work and collaborate.

From a broader NATO perspective, the report should help address a knowledge gap regarding a crucial but infrequently discussed section of NATO’s Eastern flank.