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Foreword / Neville Bolt, p. 5

All Washed Over by Machines of Loving Grace / A Review Essay by Charles Kriel, p. 13

Speaking in Riddles on Trisolaris: Communicating Liberal Democracy to the Disillusioned / A Review Essay by Maria Golubeva, p. 39

The Institutional Branding of Jowett and O’Donnell’s Propaganda and Persuasion (1986–2019) / A Review Essay by Nancy Snow, p. 51

Cracking the Nut in Iraq /  A Review Essay by Paul Bell, p. 71

Deterrence and Disinformation: Communicating Deterrence in a Non-Linear Media Environment / Nicole Jackson, p. 95

Cybersecurity in Political Studies: A Scoping Review / Aybars Tuncdogan, p.131