The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an array of counter-disinformation communication challenges. In response to this, individuals, governments, civil society, and commercial actors have adapted and evolved their own communications to provide us with tools to fight this ‘infodemic’. This report shares examples of innovative solutions, and hopes to encourage readers to think differently about their own communication challenges. Seven case studies have been selected and described as concisely as possible. Think inspirational coffee table book as opposed to a lengthy academic tome.

Case studies presented in this article are notable not only for the interventions themselves, but how their underlying policies and conceptual frameworks allowed them to come to fruition. For example, the Finnish case study, a collaborative social media campaign, demonstrates how government policy can enable a whole-of-society approach to psychological resilience. The Critica case study highlights how conventional public health campaigns can be complemented by innovative bottom-up targeting of smaller audience groups – groups that require more tailored messaging approaches. The Funky Citizens case study shows us how media literacy and civic activism can be pursued in tandem, increasing the impact of both in the process.