About this report

This report seeks to:

  • Identify social media trends in types of platform and content.
  • Analyse usage patterns. 
  • Discuss the threats and opportunities presented by the use of social media, as well as analyse current gaps in NATO’s communications via social media.
  • Develop recommendations on how to further improve current communication techniques in order to support the strategic communication needs of governments, armed forces and NATO. 

The report summarises the conclusions of the expert seminar New Trends in Social Media, organised in Riga on 18-19 April 2016 by NATO StratCom COE. 

The report includes social media usage statistics and a literature review, as well as lessons learned from the communication efforts during recent NATO exercises. Finally, it presents the main outcome from the survey carried out by NATO StratCom COE on the perception, understanding and use of social media by NATO communication personnel.