21st March 2020
Newly published report “Camouflage for the Digital Domain” provides a point of departure for discussion on force protection in the digital domain. Its builds on the challenges and issues observed by the NATO Stratcom CoE while working closely with armed forces and military organization. This report is intended to support commanders and decision-makers in coming to terms with these complex issues.
26th February 2020
Surges in inauthentic activity coincided with the December 2019 NATO Leaders’ Meeting in London, according to the latest instalment of Robotrolling by the NATO StratCom COE. This quarter, Robotrolling observed that robotic accounts focused heavily on the 2019 NATO Leaders’ Meeting, particularly on English-language Twitter, where the level of bot activity nearly tripled compared to previous reports. At the same time, Russian-language bot activity on Twitter decreased to the lowest level observed since monitoring began in 2017. On VK the meeting coincided with an anomalous increase in activity from anonymous human-controlled accounts.
8th November 2019
A joint exercise to be conducted by Finnish and Swedish authorities in November will focus on how to respond to emerging threats in the information environment. The purpose of the exercise is to enhance cooperation and coordination between Finland and Sweden and to train public officials to identify, analyse and respond to attempts to influence through information.
31st October 2019
Technology sits at the very heart of today’s communications landscape. At this event, we focused on the latest trends in digital communication. More and more people are going online from their phones -but what does it mean for communicators? We looked at the campaign measurement techniques and target audiences, as well as focused on the important aspects of audience insights and listening tools - how to compile and analyse the data. As this is an annual event, save the date for "Digital Communication Strategies 2020" that will take place in Riga, 28 October 2020. Videos from presentations will be made available by the end of the year on our social media.
11th October 2019
We are currently looking for a PR intern. You would start your internship in January 2020 and finish in June 2020. ​The candidate we are looking for will have a strong interest in international relations and skills necessary for social media account management. We would especially encourage those who have previous experience in a think-tank or an NGO to apply for this internship. Your daily work will be reading articles, researches, reports, posting on social media, writing up press releases, helping with events. We will be happy if you have analytical skills to take on a few research tasks on your own.
2nd May 2019
Over the past decade, strategic communications experts have concentrated on monitoring and analysing the information environment, human behaviour, and activities of adversaries on the ground and in the digital arena. We are constantly trying to keep up with changing dynamics and the potential weaponisation of communication flows by hostile actors. However, there is a risk of becoming overly reactive; of focusing on the past, rather than imagining and pre-empting future challenges. It is high time to scrutinise our own modes of communicating in the face of these challenges. In a dynamic and evolving information environment, have we been too timid...
4th April 2019
The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence is looking for young professionals, ready to support the COE with their energy, experience and skills! Join our team of volunteers and become a part of the biggest conference on defence and strategic communications in the region – “The Riga StratCom Dialogue 2019” and help us run the conference smoothly.
21st March 2019
Iepirkuma Konkurss „NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence grāmatvedības pakalpojumu iegāde” (identifikācijas Nr. NATO STRATCOM 2019/1).
4th March 2019
On 28 February, in cooperation with the RAND Corporation, the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence hosted a Hybrid Threats Table Top Exercise (TTX). The exercise provided a better understanding of the potential measures, tools and tactics which could be used in a hybrid context and how to prepare, identify and deter such threats. It tested different combinations of activities and gained insights into how they might fail or succeed.
11th December 2018
This autumn, we organised a virtual competition "How to detect malicious use of video/photographic content online?". This competition provided an opportunity to meet talented young teams, who presented innovative concepts and prototypes aimed at countering malicious online activities, with a focus on altered images and/or video content. On December 10, the award ceremony took place, and the winning team from the University of Aveiro (Portugal) received a prize of 5 000 euros, provided by our main partner - Latvijas Mobilais Telefons.