Defence Strategic Communications is an international peer-reviewed academic journal. The journal is a project of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE). It is produced for scholars, policy makers, and practitioners around the world.


Foreword: Is this the Age of Disinformation or the Age of Strategic Communications? / Neville Bolt, p. 5

The Indo-Pacific, Geopolitics, and Strategic Communications: Construction of ‘the Indo-Pacific’ / Chiyuki Aoi, p. 26

Lost Our Cool: Can Jazz Teach Us to Be Cool? / A Review Essay by Natalya Kovaleva, p. 67

The Once and Future NATO: Managing a Sea of Troubles / A Review Essay by Mark Laity, p. 80

Georgia: Approaching a Crossroads? Or Permanently Parked at One? / A Review Essay by Paul Bell, p. 97

Ideals vs Action: An Insurmountable Paradox? / A Review Essay by Mitch Ilbury, p. 115

What Hitler, Trump, and Putin Teach Us about Communication / A Review Essay by James P. Farwell, p. 134